• Reduce Turbine and Boiler Damage

  • Receive Excellent and Fast Payback 

The Benefits to you:

  • Strong Return on Investment- 1 Year Pay Back
  • Reduced Unit Start Times By an Average of 50-65%
  • Increased production through reduced start times and more dependable starts
  • Increased dispatch frequency due to higher dependability, lower startup costs and faster startup times
  • Reduced startup costs (up to 50%) due to lower annual fuel usage, lower water costs, and lower station services power requirements
  • Reduced stress on boiler= less failures
  • Reduced boiler exfoliation in the superheaters and reheaters
  • Environmental benefits include reduction of NOx, CO, Hg, and particulates
  • Reduces turbine stresses by about 50% because startup temperatures are much lower for the total start time
  • Reduces turbine stop valve maintenance
  • Reduces turbine steam path degradation


  • Unit startup was reduced from 12.5 hours to less than 5 hours for a cold start.​​
  • The startup was smoother resulting in less vibration and less turbine stress. 

​Accelerated Unit Startup

Would You Like To:

  • Reduce Unit Startup Time by 50% or More?

  • Improve Unit Availability and Reliability?

What is Accelerated Unit Startup?

Synterprise's Accelerated Unit Startup Program (AUS) is a licensed, proprietary steam generating unit startup program that utilizes engineering thermodynamics to allow turbines to start up in a less aggressive temperature and pressure environment. This proprietary program is Proven, Safe, Effective and Cost Beneficial for all boiler/turbine configurations and complies with turbine and boiler OEM requirements. The Accerlerated Unit Start Program reduces cold and hot startup times by about 50%, in some cases more, while improving unit reliability and availabilty. 

Examp​le Results after Accelerated Unit Startup Program Implemenation: