The Synterprise Labor Utilization Study process is a statistically valid methodology designed to objectively measure labor productivity.  Labor utilization performance gaps are compared to fleet and industry benchmarks.  Synterprise worker utilization consultants provide the client observations identifying potential labor productivity road-blocks. These studies are based on the premise that craft labor and employees want to do their best.  Everyone involved quickly understands that the studies promote management/labor “win-win” solutions.  Workers become cooperative once they understand that the process is designed not only to measure current performance but also to identify the management support factors that limit their productivity.  Management quickly learns that “third party” specialists from Synterprise are more likely to get a candid assessment of worker productivity than could be obtained by management. ​

Labor Utilization BEnchmarking

Synterprsie Labor Utilization specialists interview both management and craft and give them the opportunity to give input.  In addition to the questions and answers, the specialists will observe the amount of direct and indirect work being done, as well as note barriers to work that may be in place. The data will be collected by on-site random sampling tours / routes and, using our strategic process, a report of the findings will be presented.  Recommendations for the key areas of focus will be presented as well as a long term strategic performance improvement “road map” for optimizing overall performance. Subsequent studies using the same methodologies will generate productivity trends and allow valid comparisons

with fleet and industry results.

To provide the most accurate overall assessment and identify your “baseline” position, our methodology includes interviews

with personnel in key discipline areas. Those interviewed may include personnel and managers from the following areas:

  • Maintenance

  • Operations

  • Outage

  • Procurement

  • Inventory

  • Contractors