Each Synterprise outage consultant understands global outage best practices and has many years of key position experience in Plant Operations, Outage Management, Maintenance Processes, or Engineering. Outage consultants use this experiences to implemenet sustainable industry best practices, business practices, business processes, and enabling technologies.

  • Structured process development, planning, and implementation

  • Outage activitiy work planning

  • Efficient contractor management and labor utilization

  • Effective integration critical path scheduling development to minimize outage conflicts and duration

  • Outage support through maintenance programs

  • Outage Readiness Review process

  • Pre-Outage, Outage, and Post-Outage evaluations

  • Labor Utilization benchmarking

Evaluate, Benchmark, and Optimize your outage performance through the Synterprise Comprehensive Outage and Performance Evaluation (SCOPE) Model

What is SCOPE?

Synterprise Comprehensive Outage and Performance Evaluation, or SCOPE, utilizes advanced technology to collect and analyze the data needed to optimize resources and performace cost-effective outages. SCOPE then presents best practice strategies to overcome measured performance shortfalls. Implementing these suggestions not only solves problems but makes them less likely to occur again. SCOPE lowers outage costs and increase operating profit. 

Typical SCOPE Sustainable Performance Benefits:

  • ​50% More wrench time
  • ​15% Lower outage costs

SCOPE BEnefits: 

  • Reduce Outage Time
  • Improve Contractor Management
  • Reduce Outage Costs
  • Increase Plant Availability and Reliability
  • Improve Outage Readiness 
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Proven Contactor and Labor Utilization Studies

Outage PERformance Optimization