Low Cost Approaches to Emission Reduction and Combustion Improvement 

Environmental Emissions Equipment

and Combustion Optimization 

The EcoJEt System

The EcoJet System is an advanced, separated over-fired air system integrated with a reagent injection system.  It’s designed to improve combustion and reduce emissions in utility and industrial boilers.  The EcoJet System consists of one or more rows of variable direction, tunable secondary air injection ports located high in the boiler above the primary combustion zone.  For grate fired boilers, it also includes the state-of-the-art “grate master” to improve fuel distribution and reduce “fuel crusting”.  Using the EcoCam boiler combustion camera system and the best-of-breed EcoSmart Combustion Optimization Control System, the EcoJet System provides “dramatic” improvement in boiler combustion completion. The variable direction wall ports inject extremely high velocity, high energy secondary combustion air into the furnace at the best location for optimizing combustion efficiency.  The EcoJet System is designed to dramatically improve the mixing of combustion air, partially burned gases and fuel particulates to provide extremely efficient operation.