Synterprise Provides solutions that "Get It Right" so that our clients:le

  • Reduce maintenance management and procurement costs

  • Define equipment hierarchy and structure

  • Clearly define equipment bill of materials (BoM) and parts ID

  • Facilitate spare parts recommendations and parts lists

  • Facilitate inventory management and control

  • Provide the basis for designing your PM program

  • Provide the information for warranty issues

AIM- What is IT?

AIM is the information that is critical to maintaining assets through a maintenance management system and the information that is critical to efficient supply chain management. 

Some asset information that is crucial to have at your fingertips:

Why you need AIM

Approximately 40% of assets and spare parts in vendor manuals are incorrect. This leads to poor PM performance and poor Supply Chain performance. AIM is no just data collection-- it is a basis for warranty information, it is required for proper PM design, and it is the root of a successful asset management program. 


  • Wrong Original Equipment Manufacturer: ROSEWAY instead of ROSEMOUNT pressure transmitters; ACCURATE valves instead of FISHER. These errors make it impossible to go out for lowest bids on similar equipment.

  • ​​Wrong Part Numbers: O’s instead of 0 (zero); I’s instead of 1’s. These errors create inventory and procurement nightmares
  • ​Incomplete Identification: Valve descriptions such as “1” SW Globe Valve” instead of “FISHER/BAUMAN, Type ES, Air Operated Globe Valve, NPS 1” Flanged, Rated CL300/720 PSI CSP, Port Size 1-5/16, Plug SST/HF, Stem SST, Body SST, Seat CO Allow, Serial #F000317414, Actuator Type 657, Size 30, Travel ¾”, Digital Valve Controller, Fieldvue, Part # DVC2000HC, Input Signal 4-20 mA, Output Air Signal Range 7-101 PSI, For BC 2, Tag No: 0-PCV-UE-1913 Pressure Control Valve on High Flow Return Line (Common Circulation Module), Parent Tag: 0-CM-HP, DWG.: 0M-6210-SH_0203, Size: 1” Flanged”. These errors will not allow accurate procurement of spare parts.

  • Drawings and Bill of Materials are Not Correctly Linked: Such errors lead to maintenance errors, incorrect lock-out-tag-out procedures, etc. 

  • Drawings Poorly Labeled: Examples include incomplete title block ("Tier 1" only), incorrect system reference, red-lines not corrected on corporate drawings, etc. Makes finding the right drawing very difficult and leads to hoarding drawings. 

"Asset Information Management deliverables support cost reductions in new projects by 4% of capital expenditures. Improving maintenance management save direct maintenance costs by 2% to 5% and leads to improved plant availability." Dalip Dud, Shell Oil Company ​​

  • Accurate Name Plate Data: horsepower, flow rate, date in service, manufactureer, serial number, asset number, reference to P&ID's, etc.
  • Physical Location: Floor, elevation, GPS, photo, etc.
  • Functional Location of Assets
  • Linking of BOM's with assets, spares, P&ID's, etc.
  • Associated Documents: Up-to-date drawings, configuration management, warranty tracking, etc.


Asset Information Management